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Once you make the huge purchase of buying a house sometimes we feel we are done. Actually the journey is just beginning!

How do you move from just buying a house to creating a home?

You have to build healthy habits, just as if you were deciding to start to eat healthy, or exercise. Building healthy home habits will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Here are some great ways to save costs on home repairs:

Exterior Paint: The largest controllable threat to your exterior paint is “Overgrown foundation plantings rub away paint — and bring moisture and bugs onto the finish.”

The Fix: “Prune bushes to keep them at least a foot away from the house; a landscaper might do it for $200 if he’s already there.”

Roofing: “You can’t stop nature from damaging your roof, but you can address the harm coming from within by adding ventilation to your attic. Without proper airflow, that space can get 35° to 55°F hotter than the outside temperature, roasting the roof from below.

The fix: Have a contractor add airflow by installing high and low attic vents; they can go in the walls or the roof itself, depending on the situation ($500 to $1,000).”

Hardwood floors: Every grimy boot and dragged chair brings you closer to the day when you’ll have to refinish the floors. “But sanding floorboards makes them a little thinner, bouncier, and creakier,” says Sweeney. “And after three times there’s nothing left to sand.”

The fix: Hire a floor guy to “screen,” or sand away most of the old finish — without touching the wood — and apply new polyurethane ($1,000 to $1,500 for a typical first floor, half the cost of refinishing). Relevant

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