Housing Prices at an All-Time Low…

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…time travel required. Check out these vintage real estate advertisements! Those were the days.

Happy Earth Day!

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To celebrate Earth Day, we want to share with you “The Greenest House in the World.” Check out this video of Michael and Dorothy Rae’s Zero Carbon House located on the sparsely populated Scottish island of Unst.

They have taken reducing their carbon footprints to a whole new level! Hope you have been able to enjoy Mother Earth today as we celebrate everything she’s given us!

Lawn of Champions

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Spring is officially here! With it comes short sleeves, flip flops, longer days, fresh blooms, and greener grass…which also means tending the yard, for better or worse.

Driving through the neighborhood with the windows down in the springtime smelling the fresh cut grass and then seeing an articulately-mowed lawn is somewhat magical. With these easy tips, you can make your lawn that one on the block that everyone looks twice at – the one that looks like a golf course or the Royals’ outfield. Click here to get your mowing stripes!



Housing Market on the Up-and-Up

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Large private equity firms and investors are snatching up housing deals while they still can. This news shows that investors are betting big on the housing recovery – good news for everyone involved in the market. Click here to read the article from CNN.

Now, might just be a great time to buy that piece of property, that apartment, or that stunning home you’ve been eyeing…

Kansas City is Hungry!

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Look who’s Number 4! In a recent MSN Travel article about the 10 coolest cities in the Midwest, your city rightfully made it in the rankings! An affordable, eclectic, and “foodie” town, Kansas City is an exciting and cool place to call home. Read the article and explore your city for all the food and fortune it has to offer.

One More Reason Why Kansas is a Great Place to Live

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Over the holidays I was in Mexico and met a retired Scottish couple who had left Scotland forty years ago for Canada, where at the time skilled employment opportunities were bountiful.  As a plumber, Benny moved across the sea to make a better life for himself and his family.  Now, he lives mountain side over looking the Pacific in a beautiful large home in a lovely Mexican city.

(Views from Benny’s and his dog Buster trying to get his toys out of the pool.)

Why do I bring this up when talking about the Middle Class in Kansas?  We’ve always had a strong workforce and wages have been at least fair, if not good.  You could get a job at Colgate Palmolive, Proctor and Gamble, and another handful of companies that were willing to take you in, train you and provide you what you needed.  You didn’t have to pack up your family and find work in a far away land.  It was called “on the job training.”

Today these employers are looking for more skilled labor.  They want employees with experience and understanding before they even start.  Not everyone is mean’t to be a doctor or lawyer and without these laborers where would the US be without our manufacturing?  Our skilled labor is one of the five pillars supporting our GDP.  There is one state is doing exceptionally well training these youngsters.  Kansas.

Kansas City is a great place to live and a wonderful place to raise a family.  I’m not comparing it to Alberta, Canada in the 60′s, but we have plenty of opportunities and stable housing prices.

This article goes into why Kansas is doing an exemplary job.  Please feel free to leave a comment!

Heather Cook, Realtor, Urban Living Center John Moffitt and Associates


34 Miles of Bike Lanes in Kansas City – BIKE Everywhere!

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Bicyclists in Kansas City have something to look forward to this year. There will be over 34 miles of bike lanes throughout Kansas City and 65 miles of trails.
This gives us a reason to have fun while getting some exercise. Living in Kansas City just gets better everyday.

Here are some links for biking around Kansas City.
Bicycle Club

Bike Trail Map

Recent News

Bike Share

If have any questions please send me an

Unveiling of Bike/Ped master plan

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Great turnout at 360° Architecture for the unveiling of the Kansas City BikeKC Facilities Map and master plan. It’s a blueprint of what the city will be doing in the future to make the metro a more bike and pedestrian friendly community. The renaissance of downtown Kansas City, Missouri continues and efforts like these will help ensure the city continues to grow and thrive!

Many thanks to Deb Ridgway and her staff for the countless hours they’ve spent putting this project together. And thanks to the other organizations such as BIKEWALKKC who have offered their input and expertise on the project.




How Did We Get Here?

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This video gives a great overview of those people and circumstances integral in the development of Kansas City. Kansas City Crossroads is a collection of memoirs and historical accounts detailing how we got to the Kansas City community of today.

The video is informative and will certainly open up your eyes to the wonderful city you call home. Click here to watch the video.

New Year, New Look at Your City!

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This video gives a great overview of Cowtown, the City of Fountains, and the Paris of the Plains. No matter what you choose to call it, Kansas City has developed into a great gem of a place and this video shows its rich history and the progress its made in the last several years to become the urban district it is today offering entertainment, restaurants, art and culture, and a place to call home. Check out the video here and ring in the New Year Kansas City style!

All the best for a happy and healthy 2013 from the Urban Living Center and Coldwell Banker John Moffitt and Associates!